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Crown molding modern style

We are passionate professionals that specialize in crown moulding. Intending to make every customer happy with work done the first time perfectly, we have been serving customers with pride for over 20 years. We can provide the highest degree of craft and quality of work thanks to our experience and expertise. In addition to bringing a distinctive appearance and style at a fair price and within a reasonable time frame, we are here to make a difference in every home we work in.

What sets us apart?

Сrown molding in modern homes

Our family-owned company is committed to installing waffle modern ceiling crown molding, wainscoting, and modern crown molding. We are also passionate about interior design and unique mid century crown molding in modern homes. Every customer should leave feeling happy that the task was done the first time correctly—our knowledge and expertise in installing moulding guarantee the most significant degree of craftsmanship and quality. We aim to add value to each property we work on by offering opulent finishing and unique design options.

Cost-free design advice

Installations last one day

Budget-friendly and cost-effective

Exceptional Lifetime Warranty


We are proud to offer homeowners interior trim services to elevate the appearance of their homes. And we don’t just take care of the installation. We also manufacture our modern crown molding upgrades from high-quality MDF, so you can trust that we use the best materials in our moulding products. In addition, we specialize in the following:

installing crown molding

Installing crown molding


Installing waffle ceilings


Installation of interior trim


Putting up wainscoting


Installation of inside doors

Whar Our Clients Say


Jenny Ryan

We collaborated with your team on the mantle, the shadow boxes above the mantel, the built-in bookcases, the two-story family room's crown molding modern style, and the foyer's wainscoting. You were accommodating, the design was perfect, and we couldn't be happier!

Anish Thakkar

You were patient from the first phone call until the task was done. You paid attention to what we needed, provided us with several options, quoted us a fair price, and finished the project quickly and competently. So, in addition to keeping him on my list of favourite vendors for upcoming projects, I would also heartily endorse him to others.

Priscilla Macêdo

With your crew, we had such a lovely time. His knowledge, expertise, and consultative style benefited us as we developed our project. As if it were your own house, you offered advice and suggestions, and the outcome was beyond expectations. It has changed how we live daily and has a stunning appearance. Worthwhile. I'm overjoyed and will ask your team to work on similar projects in the future. Over the entire process, be honest, professional, responsive, patient, and have integrity. Excellent job!

Mike Mellone

He is a pleasure to deal with. In contrast to most contractors, they respond to you quickly. They are pretty knowledgeable about wainscoting, trim, crown molding modern style, etc. Their knowledge aids in transforming your ideas into something truly unique. They provided timely quotes, responded to inquiries, and got going when he thought they would. They performed excellently, were tidy, and had a great staff. Our work came out beautifully. From relatives and friends, we have gotten numerous accolades. For any crown molding in modern house, trim, or custom woodworking requirements, I highly suggest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you maintain your modern crown molding clean, it will look good for longer. Use a soft microfiber towel to wipe away dust from the modern ceiling crown molding if it is dirty. Any stains or filth on your crown molding modern style should be removed with a mild cleaner and water solution in a spray bottle, followed by a quick wipe-down with a towel.

We provide custom milling. We recognize there are times when the idea for your project does not match any in-stock options, and you want something unique. Therefore we are happy to work with you on any project, regardless of size. Ten business days are required for the wait time on our custom milling. Contact your neighbourhood store here for more information!

Always prepare cove moulding, chair rail, and other trim forms before installation. Regardless of your experience level, we suggest you watch our video to learn how to prepare our trim for installation properly. Please get in touch with us if you have any more questions about preparing before installing the frame.